Kind words from past clients.

Birthday: April 4, 2017

Birthday: April 4, 2017

Meeting Baby Wesley 

"The prenatal care I received from Megan and Brooke was outstanding. Visits were unhurried and thorough. I felt respected, informed and had plenty of time to discuss any concerns or questions I had along the way. I so appreciate the knowledgeable, evidenced-based, yet personalized care I received from them."

Birthday: May 19, 2017

Birthday: May 19, 2017

baby ansel


"Megan and Brooke played a monumental role not only in bringing my son into this world, but also in turning my hopes and desires for our labor and birth into a reality.  We chose out of hospital care because we deeply desired to experience pregnancy, birth and postpartum without fear." 


"Megan and Brooke were absolutely fantastic during the entire experience. They allowed us to truly enjoy the miracle of birth and I cannot thank Megan and Brooke enough for that fantastic gift. I highly recommend these women to any father who wants to be present with his wife during birth and have trusted support for that experience."

Birthday: January 21, 2017

Birthday: January 21, 2017

the hume family

"Because my husband and I experienced hospital and midwifery care simultaneously, we were able to see what a difference there can be in the education that is provided to the family. Brooke prepared us for every milestone. I was never afraid of what was happening to my body at any point. Without her care, I wouldn’t have had this knowledge or confidence. The things that were happening to me during pregnancy, labor and post-partum would have been frightening. But she gave me an understanding and appreciation for the human body and what I am capable of. Every OB, nurse, and midwife can encourage a mother in labor. But from my experience, it was only Brooke that I knew, without a doubt, truly believed in me. And so, I believed in myself too." 


Birthday: November 2, 2017

Birthday: November 2, 2017

"Hi there :)

My name is Lauren, Brooke delivered my baby girl, Mayberry, in November of 2017 and I cannot say enough good things about her! Brooke was the most patient, kind, and supportive midwife I could’ve asked for!!! Not only did make me feel calm, safe and cared for, she was so unbelievably understanding. She made me feel so at peace." 

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The Tilley Family


"We both feel fortunate to have had a beautiful birth story to lead us into parenthood. I felt strong and empowered and connected to my baby; connected to the millions of women before and after me who have experienced the beauty of natural childbirth. Megan forever became a part of our family during that time, and we regularly recall how lucky we were that she was our midwife on call that night to help usher our new family into existence. She made us feel so comfortable, safe, and loved in her care."

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The Dewey Family-December 2018

Photo by Jessiephotodoula

Photo by Jessiephotodoula

I had my second baby under the care of Megan and Brooke, and I could not be happier with my experience. I received holistic, patient-led, evidence-based care, where I felt that my midwives really listened to me and got to know my family and me. I made the decisions every step of the way, and they were there to provide me with information and my options.

Brooke and Megan are experienced and knowledgeable; I felt very confident in their care throughout my pregnancy. They helped me navigate a minor hurdle where I was able to make lifestyle changes to impact my health (which made me feel so much better and in control of the situation), and they made sure I was heard and validated along the way. The prenatal care felt customized (not one-size-fits-all) and trusted my body and birth - their care is not based in fear. My husband and daughter love them and every hour-long visit was thorough and enjoyable. 

During my labor and birth, I felt safe and did not worry for a second, which allowed me to focus on the work I had to do to get a 9-pound human out of my body. Megan and Brooke are diligent in their care while remaining fun, warm, and relaxed. After my daughter was born, they stayed around for hours to make sure we were all well, and they somehow sneakily managed to clean everything, and wash all linens and dishes. Everyone's first question about home birth seems to be about the mess ("isn't it like a crime scene?!") - trust me, it was like it had never happened! 

Every childbearing family deserves the level of care that the Milk & Honey midwives provide. I can only imagine living in a culture where we all received this kind of loving care, and the ripples it would have on every aspect of society.