When I chose out of hospital birth, I didn't know just how different the entire standard of care would be. Rather than being rushed through my vitals with a nurse and spending five minutes with a doctor, I spent each prenatal visit in a comfortable space with midwives who knew and cared about not only me and my growing baby, but about my husband and our family. They spent an hour or more each visit answering my questions, making sure I was comfortable, preparing me for the next phase of my pregnancy, and generally getting to know me. They were genuinely interested in what our wishes were for our birth, all while educating and gently guiding us to information we should check out or books we may want to read. Toward the end of my pregnancy when my emotions were off the charts, they took extra time to make sure I was comfortable, tell me it was okay to cry, and even spend a little while rubbing my feet and bringing me snacks. I spent a lot of time feeling like I must have fallen into something too good to be true: this can't possibly be normal prenatal care, can it?


My husband appreciated the comfortable care, being able to ask questions without pressure, and getting to be an equally involved partner through the entire experience. We always knew that any recommendations made were in my baby and I's best interest; not in the interest of the bottom line or the convenience of an 8-5 schedule. We both feel fortunate to have had a beautiful birth story to lead us into parenthood. I felt strong and empowered and connected to my baby; connected to the millions of women before and after me who have experienced the beauty of natural childbirth. 


Megan forever became a part of our family during that time, and we regularly recall how lucky we were that she was our midwife on call that night to help usher our new family into existence. She made us feel so comfortable, safe, and loved in her care. Getting to know her both through our prenatal appointments and her Childbirth Education course was a highlight of my pregnancy, and I know exactly who will be our first call when and if baby number two ever comes along!