Home Birth Midwifery Services



Our midwifery services consists of personalized care from your midwives, Megan and Brooke. Our home birth services include prenatal care, your labor and birth, and postpartum care through 6 weeks. As your midwives, we see you every 4 weeks from conception through 32 weeks, then every 2 weeks from 32-36 weeks, and weekly from 36 weeks until birth. We are available for you throughout your pregnancy by phone, text, or email to answer questions and offer support. We are on-call 24/7 for your labor and birth between weeks 35-43, excited to jump in our cars and head to your home when the time arrives! In the postpartum, we provide care to both mom and baby through 6-8 weeks. We often are the only care provider baby sees until their 2 month check up with a pediatrician. We believe the postpartum period is an extremely important healing, bonding, and learning time for both mom and baby. We work with our families to try to safeguard this time; coming to your house 3 times in the first week to check in clinically and emotionally on mom and baby, offer breastfeeding support, and provide guidance, as needed, to the new family. Our midwifery services include hour long appointments in our clinic as well as 1-2 hour home visit at 36 weeks. Our prenatal appointments include far more than checking in on the physical well being of the birthing parent and baby, we see these appointments as an opportunity to get to know one another and to build a mutually trusting relationship and a confident home birth team.  Development of these trusting relationships allows us the ability to work together toward the family's birthing goals and allows the birthing parent to feel safe and supported in the vulnerable state of a naturally unfolding labor and birth.

With our midwifery service, care encompasses the clinical aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum as well as the personalized emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of the exceptionally unique experience of bringing a new human into this reality. We are diligent in upholding our responsibility to provide safe space for the birthing parent and the baby. Our midwifery service offers all of the same standard screenings as conventional obstetric care and we attend every home birth with emergency safety equipment for both the birthing parent and the newborn. Our training, our trust in birth and the trusting, personal relationships we develop with our families has allowed us the honor of holding space for and witnessing the sacred event of bringing new life forth many, many times - we say thank you to the families to the families who have given us this honor and look forward to working with many more home birth families in the years to come. 

*The average cost of a hospital birth in Portland is $9,600, according to Time Magazing - that is only the birth.