Meet the Midwives


Megan and Brooke met while supporting families together at Andaluz Water birth Center in Portland, OR. The two felt a quick connection and ease in working together. During their time providing care as a team at the birth center and in home birth settings, they began envisioning a homebirth practice of their own.

Megan and Brooke bring varied backgrounds and life experiences to their practice while sharing a similar world view. They both possess a deep seeded belief in the beauty and power of birth and the feminine. They honor and value these life forces and see them as having the ability to effect everlasting positive change on our world, both locally and globally.

Having both been called to this work during our own transitions into motherhood, we appreciate the importance of quality, personalized, nurturing care during the childbearing year. Collectively we have attended over 250 births, building a deep trust in birth and confidence in our ability to safely support and guide women through pregnancy, labor, and birth. Megan is currently licensed in the state of Oregon and plans to license in Washington in the future. In June 2018 Brooke graduated with her Bachelors degree in Midwifery, passed the NARM examination, and became a licensed midwife in 2019.

Mama Megan with Halen and Flora,out on the city.

Mama Megan with Halen and Flora,out on the city.

Megan J Coppock

I am the blessed mother of two amazing human beings, Halen Jeffrey and Flora Mae. Like many other women who have been called to this work, it was through my transition into motherhood that I was awaken to my passion in birth work. My son, Halen, was born at Legacy Emanuel on April 2nd, 2006, his birth was beautiful and our care providers were wonderful, supportive angels. However, throughout my pregnancy and birth I kept feeling that something was missing, the care I was receiving did not reflect the amazing transformation I felt myself going through. I felt that I was being shuffled through a system that did not do justice to the miracle I, and the being I was growing inside, was experiencing. When pregnant with my second child in 2008, I found the holistic care I had been longing for in the loving guidance and support of my Alma Midwifery midwives. Flora was born underwater and guided into her father’s hands on March 19th, 2009. Through the midwifery care I received, I gained an immense amount of knowledge and self-trust regarding my health and well-being. My care at Alma proved also to be a spring board into midwifery. I realized I longed to follow in my midwives footsteps, to help provide women the empowering opportunity to explore and experience pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period in a way that reflected life back to them. I began my prerequisites for Birthingway College of Midwifery as well as doula training when Flora was six months old and began the Midwifery program in 2011.  

After fulfilling my academic course work and a two year apprenticeship, during which I attended births with, and was mentored by, the midwives at Nest Midwifery as well as Andaluz Waterbirth Center, I became a licensed and certified midwife (CPM) in 2015. Over the past three years I have been caring for families as a primary midwife at Andaluz as well as assisting home birth midwives in the community. I have had the privilege of providing care to many families, holding safe space for over 170 beings as they have transitioned into life on this side.

I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to serve women of all walks of life during their birthing year. I continue to find inspiration in the beauty, power, and vulnerability inherent to birth and birthing women.

When not working with mamas and families I stay busy with my own sweet family, finding any excuse to play outside with my kids, disappear to the mountains or the beach, eat good food, read books, dance to music and seek out new adventures! (oh, and tend to my honey bees!!)

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Brooke L Francis

My passion for birth began as a young child as a desire to become a labor and delivery nurse. During my Sophomore year in college, I was introduced to the world of out of hospital birth and midwives. My passion for midwifery blossomed at this time and I immediately changed my education plans. I applied to Birthingway College of Midwifery and started classes in Spring of 2013. I am currently completing my apprenticeship with Andaluz Water birth Center in Portland, OR and plan to graduate with the experience of 100 births in June of 2018. 

I am a married, mother of three, who enjoys spending time with my family when I am not doing birth work. All of my children were born at home and I believe my experiences enhance the services I am able to provide to clients. The care I received during my pregnancies was informative, comprehensive, and empowering. I was given the opportunity to learn about my body, my baby, and the strength women possess in their ability to create, grow, and birth their babies. 

I truly believe that all women have everything they need to birth their babies with minimal intervention and without the use of pain medication.  When they are surrounded by care providers that they trust and have created a deep connection with, they are able to find within themselves their innate power and strength. 

My journey into motherhood has been my most exciting endeavor yet. Becoming a mother has taught me so much about myself, the meaning of life, and the importance of human interaction. Meeting my babies on my own terms, in my own home, surrounded by women I trusted, has given our family the best possible start. 

Birth is a sacred event for each and every family and should be treated as such.      

Midwifery is my calling. In becoming a midwife, I believe I am doing my part to increase access to quality maternity care. Care in which the birthing mother has the ability to make informed, evidence based decisions that impact herself and her unborn baby. Every woman deserves to feel empowered in her ability to grow, birth, and care for a baby, just as nature intended.