Megan and Brooke played a monumental role not only in bringing my son into this world, but also in turning my hopes and desires for our labor and birth into a reality.  We chose out of hospital care because we deeply desired to experience pregnancy, birth and postpartum without fear.  I am an anxious person by nature, and I knew that if I wanted to birth our son naturally, I would need to trust every person on our birth team to support and advocate for my freedom to do so.  That's exactly what we found in Megan and Brooke.  Their midwifery knowledge and experience provided a foundation for our trust.  We were then able to build upon that trust together throughout our prenatal care and childbirth classes.  When it came time to do the work we'd been preparing for, we did exactly that.  With the loving and expert support of Megan and Brooke, my son was born into this world without fear.





When my wife first suggested we hire midwives to assist in the birth of our son I was put off by the idea. Why would we pay some stranger to invade one of the most personal and precious moments in the life of our child? As the husband it is my role to be encouraging and supportive, and to bring our child into this world. Why would we pay someone else to do that?

Well, her heart was set upon having midwives, so I went along with the idea. From our first meeting with Megan and Brooke I knew why my wife wanted to have these women present for her birthing process. Rather than tell us how it was going to be, they took the time to get to know us and learn what we wanted during the birth. Meagan and Brooke helped us adjust our expectations to an achievable level and then they went out of their way to ensure the experience was as close to our desire as possible. During the actual birth they were calm and collected, helping when needed and standing aside as much as possible to allow me to play my role as a husband without interference. Megan and Brooke were very skillful in the actual delivery and took excellent care of my wife and our newborn son. I trusted these women with the life of my wife and son and they did not disappoint. I would gladly trust them with my own life if the need ever arose!

In short, Megan and Brooke were absolutely fantastic during the entire experience. They allowed us to truly enjoy the miracle of birth and I cannot thank Megan and Brooke enough for that fantastic gift. I highly recommend these women to any father who wants to be present with his wife during birth and have trusted support for that experience.


much love,