Q. Was there anything that your midwife(s) did during your labor that you found to be particularly helpful?

  1. During our pregnancy, our midwifery care from Brooke included things like coming up with a birth plan and deciding on vaccinations for our daughter. Going into it, there wasn’t much we knew. Brooke educated us in a way that was unbiased. With every question she gave us research and facts. She provided us with the tools to make our own decisions and never made us feel guilty or in the wrong. We were confident in a plan that was right for our family and we felt supported by Brooke.

  2. During labor, and among the chaos of the hospital room, Brooke helped be the voice of our plan. She reminded our birth team of what was important to us. Many times she would have everyone take a pause and make sure what came next was truly what I wanted. And most importantly, she encouraged me through every contraction, push and moment of feeling defeated.



Q. When thinking back about your birth, how did it make you feel?

  1. When thinking back about my birth I feel a sense of empowerment. It made me understand women in a whole new way. Our bodies, strength and willpower are incomparable to any man or being in this world. The sense of achievement you feel afterwards is overwhelming. I labored naturally for 83 hours, and a part of me wishes it was even longer. I remember holding Sawyer in the hospital bed just hours after she was born and thinking to myself, “If I could go through this whole experience again right now I would.” Giving birth is like nothing else in the world, almost indescribable. And getting to hold your tiny baby for the very first time makes every pain worth it, a million times over. It’s pure love.


Q. How did/does your partner or co-parent feel about your birth? (partners please feel free to respond!)

  1. Because I’m a man, I will never get to experience what Brittany went through during childbirth. And so, I didn’t know how I could best help and support her through the pain. Brooke helped maximize my role as a supportive partner, physically and mentally. She also brought a calmness to the room that gave me confidence in the process, and a reassurance that Brittany’s body was made to give birth to our daughter.


Q. What would you like other mothers to know about the care you received during pregnancy, labor, and/or in the postpartum period?

  1. Because my husband and I experienced hospital and midwifery care simultaneously, we were able to see what a difference there can be in the education that is provided to the family. Brooke prepared us for every milestone. I was never afraid of what was happening to my body at any point. Without her care, I wouldn’t have had this knowledge or confidence. The things that were happening to me during pregnancy, labor and post-partum would have been frightening. But she gave me an understanding and appreciation for the human body and what I am capable of. Every OB, nurse, and midwife can encourage a mother in labor. But from my experience, it was only Brooke that I knew, without a doubt, truly believed in me. And so, I believed in myself too.


Q. Are there any particular things you would have liked your birth team to have done differently for you or ways in which you feel we could improve our care?

  1. Honestly, we wouldn’t have changed a single thing about our birth team. My husband and I loved the midwifery care we received from Brooke during pregnancy, labor and post-partum. She prepared us, empowered us and made us fall in love with all 83 hours of childbirth.