"The prenatal care I received from Megan and Brooke was outstanding. Visits were unhurried and thorough. I felt respected, informed and had plenty of time to discuss any concerns or questions I had along the way. I so appreciate the knowledgeable, evidenced-based, yet personalized care I received from them. 

Still, the most valuable recommendation I can give for their services is that even though my home birth turned into an emergency, I would do it with them all again. I choose an out-of-hospital birth because I knew that’s where I would feel safest, in that my choices and body would be respected and I wouldn’t be pressured into potentially unnecessary interventions. Though labor is HARD work, I was so happy to be at home. Their gentle support and respect for the process gave me confidence to labor on. After 11 hours of labor, with no signs of distress, my son was delivered with severe meconium aspiration that made it very difficult for him to breathe. Megan and Brooke took deliberate, direct action. Words can’t describe my gratitude towards this team for what they did in those moments.  Megan stayed with my son in the ambulance and hospital, while Brooke stayed with and cared for me. And, they continued to support me during 4 long weeks in the NICU. I don’t know how women do it without a team of midwives! 

Today I have a perfectly healthy, happy son. I am thankful for their help bringing my son into the world and eternally grateful for their work keeping him in it. I look forward to having them care for me in the next pregnancy!"


Alaina Taylor, mom of Wesley (04/04/2017)